Knockout Cup 2021/22

All matches to be played to World Rules
All Matches are best of 15 frames (3 lots of 5 frames).
Players may play the same player twice (or 3 times).
Each team puts their playing order in separately.
Alternate referees. Alternate breaks including the decider (toss for first break).
Only one card needed. Winning team responsible for sending in the result card.
The KO Cup is re-drawn each round

Round One - 16th September 2021

Home Team   Away Team
BYE BYE Woldingham A
Double 7 Postponed Brockham A 
Brooklyn Bears 8 v 4 Top Club Bookers
Brooklyn BBB BYE BYE
The Bull Postponed Woldingham B
SNCC Mavericks 0 v 8 BB Cues
Brooklyn Bandits Postponed SPCC
Banstead VC A 5 v 8 We Woz Framed
Marquis IR 8 v 4 Panther Exiles
Horley Cricket Club BYE BYE
Brooklyn 5 8 v 3 Merstham FC
HCC Mist 0 v 8 The Lions
Frames B 2 v 8 Reigate Wanderers
BYE BYE Brooklyn Q Stars
Frames D 8 v 6 Banstead VC B


Winner to upload a result card to Facebook or Email to here 
All results are required to allocate ranking points.