Fixtures 2019/20

Full League Fixures

Check the venues as some team names are not what they seem

Date Premier Division Division 1 Division 2
17-Oct-19 Brooklyn Q STARS v Kingswood Banstead VC B v ARSS Earl Haig Mist v Banstead VC A
Ex Services A v Bye International RexCue v Brockham A Marquis A v Woldingham A
Brooklyn A v Brooklyn 5 SNCC Mavericks v Frames B Merstham FC v Frames D
Rexpendables v Brooklyn Ball Breakers Panther Rexiles v Brooklyn Bandits Brooklyn BBBB v WFRR
The Lions v The Bull Woldingham B v Merstham Mavericks Tadworth SC v SPCC
24-Oct-19 KO CUP ROUND 2
31-Oct-19 Bye v Brooklyn Q STARS Brockham A v Banstead VC B Woldingham A v Earl Haig Mist
Brooklyn 5 v Ex Services A Frames B v International RexCue Frames D v Marquis A
Brooklyn A v The Lions SNCC Mavericks v Woldingham B Merstham FC v Tadworth SC
Kingswood v Rexpendables ARSS v Panther Rexiles Banstead VC A v Brooklyn BBBB
Brooklyn Ball Breakers v The Bull Brooklyn Bandits v Merstham Mavericks WFRR v SPCC