Reigate & Redhill Pool League




Division 2 Singles 2007/8

  Best of 5 Frames   Best of 5 Frames QF SF F  
1 BYE 1   Bye Phil Underhill Phil Underhill Russell Watson Richard Packham
2 Carrie Stacey EXL
3 Simon Jackson CNUT Phil Underhill
4 Phil Underhill SAL
5 Simon Fitzwater HAT Simon Fitzwater Simon Fitzwater
6 Ieuan Jones HAT
7 Martin Ellaby HAT Martin Ellaby
8 Ben Parrish HAT
9 Mick Carden CNUT Mick Carden Mick Carden Russell Watson
10 Kevin Hammond CNUT
11 Peter Kay SAL Chris Saxby
12 Chris Saxby SGB
13 Kelvin Buckmaster SAL Kelvin Buckmaster Russel Watson
14 Scott Neeves SAL
15 John Holman SAL Russel Watson
16 Russel Watson PANB
17 Richard Packham CNUT Richard Packham Richard Packham Richard Packham Richard Packham
18 Jim Morley SAL
19 Phil Underhill HAT Mike Naughton
20 Mike Naughton HAT
21 Jake Underhill SAL Jake Underhill Dean Godsell
22 John Green SGB
23 Claire McKee EXL Dean Godsell
24 Dean Godsell CNUT
25 Wayne Rice CNUT Tom Cryer Tom Cryer Tom Cryer
26 Tom Cryer SGB
27 Andy Jackson SGB Andy Jackson
28 Mike Charlton HAT
29 James Timerell HAT Bye Katie Blagbrough
30 Nichola Wornell EXL
31 Katie Blagbrough EXL Katie Blagbrough
32 BYE 1