Reigate & Redhill Pool League




Division 1 Singles 2009/10


  No. of prizes £
Winner 1 50
Runner Up 1 25
Semi Finals 2 15
Quarter Finals 4 10

Stage One - 10th December 2009

All matches start at 7.30pm. Be on time or expect not to play.
1st Round - Best of 3
2nd Round - Best of 5
3rd Round - Best of 5
Play down to one player at each venue
Toss coin for Break
Take a copy of the draw with you. There may not be one at the venue.

Winner to return a result card to the Limes. All results are required to allocate ranking points.

Venue Best of 3 Best of 5 Best of 5 Quarters Semi Final Final
GATTON Bye Bye Mick Carden  Phil Underhill Phil Underhill Phil Underhill Phil Underhill Phil Underhill
Mick Carden  Chestnut 
Phil Underhill Salfords Phil Underhill
Bye Bye
Ben Maddox  Gatton Tom Pearse Steve McCarthy
Tom Pearse Rileys Ladies
Steve McCarthy Rileys B  Steve McCarthy
Bye Bye
SALFORDS Bye Bye Kelvin Buckmaster Steve Arneil Steve Arneil
Kelvin Buckmaster Salfords
Steve Arneil Rileys B  Steve Arneil
Bye Bye
Wayne Rice Chestnut  Derek Biard Derek Biard
Derek Biard Burgh Heath
Rob Abbott Rileys B Rob Abbott
Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye Trevor Small Trevor Small Trevor Small
Terry Marshall  Chestnut 
Trevor Small Hooley Trevor Small
Bye Bye
John Cobby  Godstone John Cobby  John Cobby 
Claire Mckee Rileys Ladies
Peter Kay  Salfords Peter Kay 
Bye Bye
RILEYS 2 Bye Bye Wayne Gould  Scott Neeves Scott Neeves
Wayne Gould  Salfords
Scott Neeves Salfords Scott Neeves
Bye Bye
John Holman  Salfords John Holman  Katie Blagbrough 
Deb Pearse Rileys Ladies
Katie Blagbrough  Rilyes Ladies Katie Blagbrough 
Bye Bye
CHESTNUT Bye Bye Bye John Edwards Jake Underhill  Jake Underhill  Jake Underhill 
Mick Etherington Burgh Heath
John Edwards Chestnut  John Edwards
Bye Bye
Jake Underhill  Rileys B  Jake Underhill  Jake Underhill 
Paul Carden  Chestnut 
Martin Stretton  Salfords Martin Stretton 
Bye Bye
BURGH HEATH Bye Bye Dave Church  Dave Church  Richard Brogan 
Dave Church  Rileys B
Jeff Brandt  Hooley Jeff Brandt 
Bye Bye
Matt Nightingale Godstone Richard Brogan  Richard Brogan 
Richard Brogan  Burgh Heath
D Godsell  Chestnut  Bye
Bye Bye
RILEYS 3 Bye Bye Nichola Wornell Nichola Wornell Nichola Wornell Nichola Wornell
Nichola Wornell Rileys Ladies
Ali Bothamley  Rileys Ladies Ali Bothamley 
Bye Bye
Kev Hammond Chestnut  Mick Davies Richard Packham
Mick Davies Hooley
Richard Packham Chestnut  Richard Packham
Bye Bye
HOOLEY Bye Bye Rich Abbott Rich Abbott Andrew White
Rich Abbott Rileys B
Daniel Woods  Hooley Bye
Bye Bye
Robin Bailey  Rileys B Paul Williams  Andrew White
Paul Williams  Salfords
Andrew White Godstone Andrew White
Bye Bye