Reigate & Redhill Pool League




Division 3 Singles 2009/10


  No. of prizes £
Winner 1 50
Runner Up 1 25
Semi Finals 2 15
Quarter Finals 4 10

Stage One - 10th December 2009

All matches start at 7.30pm. Be on time or expect not to play.
1st Round - Best of 3
2nd Round - Best of 5
3rd Round - Best of 5
Play down to one player at each venue
Toss coin for Break
Take a copy of the draw with you. There may not be one at the venue.

Winner to return a result card to the Limes. All results are required to allocate ranking points.

Venue Best of 3 Best of 5 Best of 5 Semi Final Final
EX-SERVICE 2 Elliot Howes Rexs Mid Steve Hutchinson Steve Hutchinson Steve Hutchinson Russ Watson  Rob Ede
Steve Hutchinson Rexs Mid
Bye Bye Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans Chestnut B
Bye Bye Bye Michael Brownjohn
Matt Jee Newdigate B
Bye Bye Michael Brownjohn
Michael Brownjohn Chestnut B
HORLEY RBL Justin Penny  Chestnut B Justin Penny  Russ Watson  Russ Watson 
Lotars Lepia Legion B 
Bye Bye Russ Watson 
Russ Watson  Rexs Mid
Bye Bye Chris Brownjohn Steve Elliot
Chris Brownjohn Chestnut B 
Bye Bye Steve Elliot
Steve Elliot Rexs Mid
NEWDIGATE Mark Cornellis Newdigate B  James Foster  James Foster  Rob Ede Rob Ede
James Foster  Legion B
Bye Bye Bye
Gary Matherson  Chestnut B 
Bye Bye Rob Ede Rob Ede
Rob Ede Newdigate B 
Bye Bye Bye
Andy Davies  Chestnut B 
BANSTEAD Chris Walker  Rexs Mid Chris Walker  Chris Cornellis Chris Cornellis
M Hulme Chestnut B 
Bye Bye Chris Cornellis
Chris Cornellis Newdigate
Bye Bye David Mahoney  David Mahoney 
David Mahoney  Banstead
Bye Bye Bye
Nick Harrison  Rexs Mid