Reigate & Redhill Pool League




Premier Singles 2009/10


  No. of prizes £
Winner 1 50
Runner Up 1 25
Semi Finals 2 15
Quarter Finals 4 10

Stage One - 10th December 2009

All matches start at 7.30pm. Be on time or expect not to play.
1st Round - Best of 3
2nd Round - Best of 5
3rd Round - Best of 5
Play down to one player at each venue
Toss coin for Break
Take a copy of the draw with you. There may not be one at the venue.

Winner to return a result card to the Limes. All results are required to allocate ranking points.

Venue Best of 3 Best of 5 Best of 5 Quarters Semi Final Final
MONSON 1 Bye Bye ave Atkinson  Tom Kennedy Tom Kennedy Tom Kennedy Ollie O'Boyle Ollie O'Boyle
Dave Atkinson  Ex B 
Tom Kennedy  Limes Tom Kennedy
Bye Bye
Jim Danielson  Kingswood Simon Andrews Simon Andrews
Simon Andrews Panther
Trevor Beasley  Monson A Trevor Beasley
Bye Bye
CATERHAM Bye Bye Alex West  Alex West  Simon Grover 
Alex West  Catherham A 
Ian Davies Ex A Bye
Bye Bye
Dave Jones Limes Simon Grover  Simon Grover 
Simon Grover  Lions
Scott Harkness Catherham A  Scott Harkness
Bye Bye
RILEYS 1 Bye Bye Alex Golden  Ollie O'Boyle Ollie O'Boyle Ollie O'Boyle
Alex Golden  Monson A
Ollie O'Boyle Lions Ollie O'Boyle
Bye Bye
Steve Rains Limes Steve Rains Steve Rains
Neil Akehurst  Smallfield
Barry Watkins Catherham A  Barry Watkins
Bye Bye
LIMES Bye Bye Neil Jones Dave Ringrose  Steve Ringsell
Neil Jones Ex B 
Dave Ringrose  Smallfield Dave Ringrose 
Steve Sherstone Limes
Ray Crosby  Limes Dave Dulake  Steve Ringsell
Dave Dulake  Kingswood
Steve Ringsell Smallfield Steve Ringsell
Bye Bye
SMALLFIELD Bye Bye Andy Hudson  Andy Hudson  Mick Miles Sean Yates Sean Yates
Andy Hudson  Ex B 
Glenn Jackson  Smallfield Glenn Jackson 
Les Hills Ex A
Bye Bye Bye Mick Miles
Toby Francis  Brockham A
Mick Miles Kingswood Mick Miles
Bye Bye
KINGSWOOD Bye Bye Sean Yates Sean Yates Sean Yates
Sean Yates Lions
Henry Cox MonsonA Bye
Bye Bye
Dale Miles  Kingswood Dale Miles  Dale Miles 
Dave Taylor Monson A
Kieran Coppinger Ex A Bye
Bye Bye
EX-SERVICE 1 Chris Pigeon Lions Chris Pigeon Billy Donovan  Billy Donovan  Billy Donovan 
Brian Goodwin  Ex B 
Billy Donovan  Limes Billy Donovan 
Bye Bye
Tony O'Connell Ex B  Bryan Bastin  Iain Arnott
Bryan Bastin  Ex B 
Iain Arnott Panther Iain Arnott
Bye Bye
BROCKHAM Bye Bye Andy Mackie Andy Mackie Tony Pankhurst 
Andy Mackie Catherham A 
Rab Harkness Catherham A  Rab Harkness
Bye Bye
Roger Tedstone Ex A Roger Tedstone Tony Pankhurst 
Simon Bywater Lions
Tony Pankhurst  Brockham A Tony Pankhurst 
Bye Bye