Knockout Cup 2019/20

All matches to be played to World Rules
All Matches are best of 15 frames (3 lots of 5 frames).
Players may play the same player twice (or 3 times).
Each team puts their playing order in separately.
Alternate referees. Alternate breaks including the decider (toss for first break).
Only one card needed. Winning team responsible for sending in the result card.
The KO Cup is re-drawn each round

September 9th 2021 at Brooklyns - 7:45pm Start

We will use 2 tables per match and play the final the same night

Frames D         6 v 8    The Lions

Brooklyn 5      7 v 8  The Lions
Frames D  8 v 7  Rexpendables  

Quarter Finals - 23th January 2020

Home Team   Away Team
The Bull    2 v 8 The Lions
Banstead Village Club B 3 v 8 Rexpendables  
Brooklyn A 5 v 8 Frames D  
Earl Haig Mist 3 v 8 Brooklyn 5

Round Two - 24th October 2019

Home Team   Away Team
The Lions W/O BB Cues
Brooklyn Bandits 6 v 8 Brooklyn 5
Rexpendables   8 v 4 Brockham A  
The Bull    8 v 2 Brooklyn BBBB
Frames D   8 v 2 ARSS 
Banstead Village Club B 8 v 7 Frames B  
Brooklyn A 8 v 1 Banstead Village Club A
Earl Haig Mist 8 v 5 Woldingham A

Round One - 5th September 2019

Home Team   Away Team
Banstead Village Club A 8 v 4 Marquis A
Brockham A   8 v 7 Merstham FC
Bye Bye Frames B  
BB Cues 8 v 6 International RexCue
Brooklyn Ball Breakers 3 v 8 The Lions
Tadworth SC W/O Woldingham A
SPCC 5 v 8 Banstead Village Club B
The Bull    8 v 6 Woldingham B
Brooklyn Bandits 8 v 5 Merstham Mavericks
Ex Services A   4 v 8 Rexpendables  
Brooklyn 5 8 v 6 SNCC Mavericks
Brooklyn A 8 v 6 Kingswood
Panther Rexiles   1 v 8 Frames D  
Brooklyn Q STARS 5 v 8 ARSS 
Brooklyn BBBB Bye Bye
Earl Haig Mist W/O Who Frames Roger Rabbit

Winner to upload a result card to Facebook or Email to here 
All results are required to allocate ranking points.