Reigate & Redhill Pool League




Doubles 2009/10


  No. of prizes £
Winner 1 60
Runner Up 1 30
Semi Finals 2 15
Quarter Finals 4 10

Stage One - 3rd December 2009

All matches start at 7.30pm. Be on time or expect not to play.
1st Round - Best of 3
2nd Round - Best of 5
3rd Round - Best of 5
Play down to one player at each venue
Toss coin for Break
Take a copy of the draw with you. There may not be one at the venue.

Winner to return a result card to the Limes. All results are required to allocate ranking points.

Best of 3 Best of 5 Best of 5   Quarters Semi Final Final
Bye Bye Bye Howes & Watson Howes & Watson Howes & Watson Miles & Dulake Jones & Rains Jones & Rains Sherstone & Pereda
E Howes R Watson  Rexs Midnight
S Finlay  G Wilson  Lagham A Bastin & Goodwin
B Bastin  B Goodwin  Ex A
Bye Bye Bye Taton & Fisher Taton & Fisher
S Taton  A Fisher  Rileys C 
W Rice  R Packham  Chestnut A Rice & Packham
Bye Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye McCarthy & Underhill Miles & Dulake Miles & Dulake
S McCarty  J Underhill Rileys B 
M Miles  D Dulake  Kingswood Miles & Dulake
Bye Bye Bye
V Foale  S Lee Newdigate A Jones & Rodd Newey & Maddox
J Jones  B Rodd Tadworth A
M Newey  B Maddox  Gatton  Newey & Maddox
Bye Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye Jones & O'Connell Jones & O'Connell Jones & O'Connell Jones & Rains
N Jones  T O'Connell  Ex B 
M Brownjohn  M Edwards Chestnut B Brownjohn & Edwards
Bye Bye Bye
S Groover  S Bywater  Lions Grover & Bywater Davies & Penny
R Ede  D Lovie Newdigate B 
A Davies J Penny Chestnut B  Davies & Penny
Bye Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye Beasley & Taylor Jones & Rains Jones & Rains
T Beasley  D Taylor Monson A
D Jones S Rains Limes Jones & Rains
Bye Bye Bye
T Cryer  A Jackson Lagham A Cryer & JAckson West & Mackie
A Newman  A Brunt  Marquis B
A West  A Mackie Caterham A West & Mackie
Bye Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye Underhill & Williams Donovan & Kennedy Donovan & Kennedy Hussey & Chitty Fisher & Moreira
P underhill  P Williams Salfords
B Donovan  T Kennedy  Limes Donovan & Kennedy
Bye Bye Bye
K Coppinger  L Hills Ex A Coppinger & Hills Emmanuel & Hudson
K Hammond D Godsell  Chestnut A
D Emmanual  M Hudson  Rileys C  Emmanuel & Hudson
Bye Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye Waller & Smith Hussey & Chitty Hussey & Chitty
J Waller N Smith  Banstead
D Hussey  A Chitty  Newdigate A Hussey & Chitty
S Carden  M Carden  Marquis A
Bye Bye Bye Duffell & Leach Duffell & Leach
W Duffell J Leach  Newdigate A
J Foster  L Leipa  Legion B Foster & Leipa
Bye Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye Bye White & Nightingale White & Nightingale Fisher & Moreira
M Cornellis  M Jee Newdigate B 
J Holman  S Neeves Salfords White & Nightingale
A White  M Nightingale  Godstone
Bye Bye Bye Bye Gardner & Heffer
M Etherington  B Griffin  Burgh Heath 
P Gardner C Heffer  Lagham A Gardner & Heffer
Bye Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye Fisher & Moreira Fisher & Moreira Fisher & Moreira
K Fisher  R Moreira Monson French
J Edwards  T Marshall Chestnut A Edwards & MArshall
Bye Bye Bye
R Stevens J Stevens Tadworth A Stevens & Stevens Bailey & Church
D Mahoney  M Ryan  Banstead
R Bailey  D Church  Rileys B  Bailey & Church
Bye Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye Bye Brandt & Small Yates & O'Boyle Morgan & Golden Morgan & Golden Sherstone & Pereda
A Woods  D Woods Hooley 
J Brandt  T Small  Hooley  Brandt & Small
Bye Bye Bye
R Harkness S Harkness Caterham A Yates & O'Boyle Yates & O'Boyle
S Yates O O'Boyle Lions
K Buckmaster  M Stratton  Salfords Buckmaster & Stratton
Bye Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye Matherson & Holmes Morgan & Golden Morgan & Golden
G Matherson  M Holmes Chestnut B 
D Morgan  A Golden Monson A Morgan & Golden
Bye Bye Bye
N Thomas  D Wilcox  Marquis A Thomas & Wilcox Stevens & Rodd
N Davies  D Dessa Hooley 
R Stevens  T Rodd Tadworth A Stevens & Rodd
Bye Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye Arneil & Abbott Arneil & Abbott McKee & Bothamley Danielson & Olver
S Arneil Rich Abbott Riley B 
J Davies D Stephens Gatton  Davies & Stephens
J Soucci O Buttler Panther
K Cullen S Considine Lagham A McKee & Bothamley McKee & Bothamley
C Mckee A Bothamley Rileys Ladies
S Haydon M Greenwood  Rileys C  Haydon & Greenwood
Bye Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye Hudson & Atkinson Hudson & Atkinson Danielson & Olver
A Hudson  D Atkinson Ex B 
R Brogan  D Baird  Burgh Heath  Cooper & Payne
W Cooper  V Payne Marquis B 
Bye Bye Bye Danielson & Olver Danielson & Olver
J Danielson  D Olver  Kingswood
A Linton S Jackson Marquis A  Linton & Jackson
Bye Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye Cornelis & Cornelis Akehurst & Jackson Akehurst & Jackson Akehurst & Jackson Sherstone & Pereda
C Cornellis  D Cornelis Newdigate B 
N Akehurst  G Jackson Smallfield Akehurst & Jackson
Bye Bye Bye
K Michel M Weekes Panther Tedstone & Davies Tedstone & Davies
R Tedstone I Davies  Ex A
H Cox  M Heffernan Monson A  Bye
Bye Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye Miles & Chambers Miles & Chambers Miles & Chambers
D Miles  S Chambers Kingswood
D Marriage M Woodham Burgh Heath  Bye
Bye Bye Bye
M Pyke  J McKenna Ex A Pyke & McKenna Hutchinson & Elliot
P Kay  W Gould Salfords
S Hutchinson  S Elliot  Rexs Midnight Hutchinson & Elliot
Bye Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye   McAdam & Wright McAdam & Wright Sherstone & Pereda
C Brownjohn  D Evans Chestnut B 
A McAdam  B Wright  Tadworth A McAdam & Wright
Bye Bye Bye
D Pearse T Pearse Rileys Ladies    
S Holmwood  T Francis Brockham A
J Cobby  J Coker  Godstone  
Bye Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bye Sherstone & Pereda Sherstone & Pereda Sherstone & Pereda
S Sherstone S Pereda Limes
J Huntingford B Saunders  Hooley  Baker & Etherington
E Baker R Etherington Burgh Heath
Bye Bye Bye Walker & Stacey Arnott & Andrews
C Walker  P Stacey  Rexs Midnight
Iain Arnott S Andrews Panther Arnott & Andrews
Bye Bye Bye