Reigate & Redhill Pool League




Knockout Cup 2009/10

All matches to be played to World Rules
All Matches are best of 15 frames (3 lots of 5 frames).
Players may play the same player twice (or 3 times).
Each team puts their playing order in separately.
Alternate referees. Alternate breaks including the decider (toss for first break).
Only one card needed. Winning team responsible for sending in the result card.
The KO Cup is re-drawn each round


To be played on 13th May 2010, 8pm at Rileys in Redhill.

Rileys Lions v Smailfield Dominos

Quarter Finals

Home Team   Away Team
Smallfield Dominos v Ex Services A   
Caterham Club A   v Rileys Lions  
Chestnut  A v Newdigate A
Rileys C  v Hooley Village Club  

Round 2

Home Team   Away Team
Panther v Smallfield Dominos
Hooley Village Club   v Banstead Village
Newdigate A v Reigate Priory FC
Limes v Ex Services A   
Caterham Club A   v Caterham Club B
Salfords v Chestnut  A
Kingswood v Rileys Lions  
Rileys C  v Horley RBL

Round 1

Home Team   Away Team
Caterham Club A   v Hatch
Admiral v Newdigate A
Brockham B v Hooley Village Club  
Rileys Ladies v Panther
Ex Services A    v Frames B
Bull A v Horley RBL
Gatton v Reigate Priory FC 
Lagham B  v Caterham Club B  
Rex's Midnight runners v Smallfield Dominos
Salfords    v Tadworth B
Banstead Village v Lagham A
Limes   v Brockham A
Rileys Lions   v Rileys B
Rileys C  v Ex Services B
Chestnut  A v Tadworth A 
Monson A   v Kingswood


Prelim Round

Home Team   Away Team
Woodmansterne v Lagham A  
Marquis A v Newdigate A
The Victoria v Brockham B   
Lagham B  v Marquis B
The Monson-Frenches v Reigate Priory FC 
Chestnut B v Rileys Ladies  
Rileys C  v Monson B 
The Valley B v Horley RBL
Hooley Village Club   v The Bull B
Burgh Heath Comrades   v Rileys B  
Gatton    v Newdigate B
Salfords    v The Valley A
The Bull A v South Godstone