Reigate & Redhill Pool League




Mixed Doubles 2014/15

  No. of prizes £
Winner 1 50
Runner Up 1 25
Semi Finals 2 10

7th May 2015 @ Reigate Ex-Service Club 8pm Start

M Leipér & C McKee M Leipér & C McKee N Wornell & C Pidgeon N Wornell & C Pidgeon
N Harrison & C Stacey
N Wornell & C Pidgeon N Wornell & C Pidgeon
J Underhill & J Parsons
P Porter & P Thompson P Porter & P Thompson P Porter & P Thompson
A Hudson & TBA
S Elliot & L Free G Wilson & C Heffer
G Wilson & C Heffer

J Underhill & J Parsons
M Leipér & C McKee
M Hope & S Maskell
G Wilson & C Heffer
P Porter & P Thompson
S Elliot & L Free
N Harrison & C Stacey
T Pearse & D Pearse
R Abbott & L Dyson
A Hudson & TBA
N Wornell & C Pidgeon

The draw will be done on the night. Only players listed above are eligible to play. If you want to enter please do so before the night. We will not accept entries on the night.

Doubles competition will be played to SCOTCH DOUBLES Rules.


Scotch doubles is like any other form of doubles play, except that players take alternate shots rather than alternate visits. Otherwise, the standard World Rules apply, and the following conventions will apply.

Teams will toss a coin for the initial break.
After that, breaks will alternate by team and player. So, if player 1 team A breaks, the next frame player 1 team B breaks. The next break is by player 2 team A, then player 2 team B, then 1A again, and so on, until the match is over.
Nomination of balls
If a ball is potted from the break, the breaking player is responsible for nominating the ball 'on' for his or her partner without discussing.
There must be no consultation about this.

Partners may consult when the opposing team is in charge of the table
and on the very first visit when their team takes control. During the first visit consulting between partners is allowed until the player 'on' touches the table. After this no talking is allowed between partners during alternate shots.

Remember that all shots should be played within 1 minute. This also includes the very first shot when partners are permitted to talk.

A foul will be called against any team deemed to be conversing about the game in between shots during their visit, which will result in end of visit and two visits awarded to the opponents.

Note that 'conferring' includes the use of signals or other forms of non-verbal communication.

Playing out of turn
Playing out of turn is a foul and will result in end of visit and two visits awarded to the opponents.